About Brianna Karle

Brianna Karle

Brianna Karle is a Graphic and Web Designer located in the Greater Seattle Area. She specializes on designing great websites and brands around the User Experience.

Web Design

“In my time as a student and freelance web designer, I have found that although I love just about every aspect of the field, I enjoy the puzzle that is UX (User Experience) the most. I have experience with small card sorts, affinity diagrams, and information architecture. When on teams, I pounce on the opportunity to work on these parts of the design process. At home, my walls are covered with diagrams and sticky notes, in spots where normal people would have artwork, shelving, or sconces. My passion for usability could border on obsession.”

Brianna Karle has been building websites since the late ‘90s, and made it into her career in 2015. She has built everything from e-commerce to brochure websites, for businesses ranging from software development to massage therapy. She enjoys the challenge of matching a business to their user group, and creating the optimal experience for everyone.

Graphic Design

Brianna Karle has a lifelong love of art and design. She was in advanced art classes through high school, took independent classes from disney animators, and was briefly a fine art major in college. She has found the ability to translate her art passion into a design career.

When going to school for Web Design, Brianna became captivated by Typography in design. She was a Teacher Assistant for the school’s Typography Classes, relishing the chance to learn more and more about the subject, while helping others to learn, as well.

Background & Ideals

In 2010, Brianna Karle graduated from Colorado State University with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Anthropology. She is passionate about working with museums and other non-profits.

Brianna wants to change the world and make a positive impact on the lives of others. She likes the idea of technology as a vehicle for social change. As technology advances and becomes increasingly ingrained in society, it can either bring communities together, or tear them apart. It needs to remain accessible and user-friendly so that it can easily empower and mobilize groups that may not otherwise have the opportunity.


Brianna spends her free time kayaking, hiking, reading, looking at memes (if we’re being totally honest), and watching as many TED talks as she can fit into her days. She loves taking her Siberian Husky on runs, hikes, and to the local dog parks. Time spent outside, exploring the Pacific Northwest, is treasured. When she can, Brianna also likes to travel internationally.